Responsive Concepts in Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs that clarify some basic concepts of responsive layouts with animated GIFs to illustrate them more completely.

Budgets are hard man…

Wrote a blog post on my company’s website about budgeting for a digital product. I managed to distill a few abstract concepts I have been working to combine for a while now.

Say No to Spec Work

We don’t really run into this a lot where I work (well mostly because our Sales and Marketing screen them out), but the concept comes up often. I feel it’s a nice pairing to the Client Relations in Real Life and Discussions with Clients videos I’ve posted in the past.


As the Oddworld Inhabitants has made a strange return with distribution through mobile and game console marketplaces, it seams only fitting to highlight what made it great in the first place.

“Weird Al” Yankovic

Add a catchy tune, off beat lyrics, respectable vocals, and just a little accordion and what do you have? You’ve got “Weird Al” Yankovic. Musical and comedic genius :D

Discussions with Clients

So I do take some offense at the PM in this video, but I must say I have answered these types of questions with clients.

Lego Movie!!!

One of the best movies I have seen on any level. Great plot (seriously), great animation, and so much fun.

CSS Gradient Generator

A great WYSIWYG CSS gradient generator that outputs for multiple browsers and creates your code snippet.

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