Say No to Spec Work

We don’t really run into this a lot where I work (well mostly because our Sales and Marketing screen them out), but the concept comes up often. I feel it’s a nice pairing to the Client Relations in Real Life and Discussions with Clients videos I’ve posted in the past.

Discussions with Clients

So I do take some offense at the PM in this video, but I must say I have answered these types of questions with clients.

Mighty No. 9

Might No. 9

So if you are a fan of MegaMan, then you will love this. Many of the creators of MegaMan have pulled together in an independent endeavor to create a modern take on the original MegaMan styles and concepts. This is my first kickstarter and it’s gone through the roof. They just keep adding goals (they were fully funded within the 1st 24 hours). So head over ( to kick in some funds or just share the project.

Mega Man smashes Smash Brothers

Why did it take so long for this to happen!

Spock VS Spock

Epic Challange! Who will win?

What’s an Oligopoly?

WARNING: Contains the F-Bomb

This is so well done and is exactly how I feel sometimes. Choice is awesome… when you have it.

Who Needs a Snow Blower?


So our snow blower was broken and mother nature dropped 8 inches of wet concrete snow on us. I decided it would just be easier to roll up the snow than try and shovel it. Crazy part was, it actually worked really well.

Happy St Paddy’s Day… but you’re not Irish!

Someone I work with put this together. It’s funny, catchy, and probably pretty true for most out there :) Happy St Paddy’s Day

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