Inspired Work

Lego Movie!!!

One of the best movies I have seen on any level. Great plot (seriously), great animation, and so much fun.

To the Victor goes the Pour

This should be in every bar in America. Beats the heck out of Divekick. The only thing left fighting for in the this world… Beer.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine for Realz

So this is what happens with a lot of skill, imagination, dedication, and way too much spare time on your hands.

We All get Jedi Powers

A new kind of interactive input device which could give us all access to the Force.

Calvin and Hobbes: 26 years later…

I love Calvin and Hobbes so it’s cool to think about what hey might be like as a semi-responsible adult with a kid of his own.

Political Kombat 2012

This is the future of political satire… Smart, funny, relevant, interactive, and equally irreverent.

Plastic Sculpture Art

These sculptures by the artist Sayaka Ganz are all made from plastic items from everyday life. They’re recycled and great to look at!

Sweet Portal Video

This is a video that a friend of a friend put together. It’s awesome and so well done. I think I even recognize the neighborhood.

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Because life is too short not to enjoy it,
too vast not to be curious, and too beautify
not to add to the beauty.