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Budgets are hard man…

Wrote a blog post on my company’s website about budgeting for a digital product. I managed to distill a few abstract concepts I have been working to combine for a while now.

NerdCast #64 – What We Learned From The Healthcare Marketplace Launch

Podcast I did for the Nerdery with a developer and friend of mine, Michael Tighe, on what we can learn from the rough rollout of the health care marketplaces.

TV Interview – Health Care Site Rollout Issues

An interview I did with the local Fox News affiliate (KMSP – TV) on a development take of the healthcare.gov rollout issues.

NerdCast #39 – Software Project Management Backstage Pass

An interview I did with Ryan Carlson on what a Software Project Manager at the Nerdery does.

Yoshi+Omnom iPad Decal Graphics

Cool little iPad graphic I created to dress it up a bit… My wife likes green dinosaurs, what can I say?

Why TL? – Full Marketing Campaign

The full product launch campaign for the TWiN Lock line of video/multimedia connectors. Includes print items, 3D promotional items and kits, a video, a micro-site, and product displays.

Building Graphics

This is probably my favorite project I have done to date. I was able to design some identity based graphics for key places within my companies new building.

Speaker Packaging Design

A package design and logo I did for some in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. First time I ever created something that was produced in 3D.

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