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Scan Lines with JavaScript

A litte bit of JQuery code I wrote to create an old school look for a modern interface.

WIP – Logo Puzzle Game

Ongoing project on my old puzzle splash page. Currently works well in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome but not (you guessed it) Internet Explorer. I’ll get there. Check back for continuing updates.

EDIT Layout System

The drag-n-drop, enclosure layout system I helped develop for Suttle’s SOHO Access structured wiring product line.

Why TL? – Full Marketing Campaign

The full product launch campaign for the TWiN Lock line of video/multimedia connectors. Includes print items, 3D promotional items and kits, a video, a micro-site, and product displays.

HTML5 Flash Banner Alternative

Replacement HTML5 compatible motion graphic I programmed and created to take the place of my companies home page Flash graphic.

Calendar Mod

A calendar plugin for Wordpress that I heavily modified the look and function of to fulfill the design I wanted. It ended up being a crash course in Wordpress, PHP, and advanced CSS.

Drag and Drop Identity Work and Ads

Identity work and some ads I did for an online layout tool I speced for the company I work for.

Web List Icons

Here a some 10×10 pixel icons I created for different online unordered lists. Nothing ground breaking, but fun to do.

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