Graphics Gallery

Unused Subgroup Logo

My original take on my church’s subgroup logo. Ultimately, it never saw the light of day, but was fun to make and turned out to be a cool piece.

Yoshi+Omnom iPad Decal Graphics

Cool little iPad graphic I created to dress it up a bit… My wife likes green dinosaurs, what can I say?

Method Maps

A couple maps of shipping routes that I did. Another example of some information graphics I created.

Speaker Packaging Design

A package design and logo I did for some in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. First time I ever created something that was produced in 3D.

Drag and Drop Identity Work and Ads

Identity work and some ads I did for an online layout tool I speced for the company I work for.

Product Logo Family

A series of stylized, product category logos that I created at Suttle for a brand of structured wiring products.

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