Responsive Concepts in Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs that clarify some basic concepts of responsive layouts with animated GIFs to illustrate them more completely.

CSS Gradient Generator

A great WYSIWYG CSS gradient generator that outputs for multiple browsers and creates your code snippet.

Towards A Retina Web

A great article on the application of retina technology on web design and programming.

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The subtitle for OverAPI pretty much sums it up: "Collect All Cheat Sheets" So many cheat sheets in so many coding languages. No matter what you're trying to pickup you should be able to find a cheat sheet for it here.

Browser Statics

A quick list of browser usage stats over the past few years broken down monthly. It's very interested how things have shifted over time. Clicking on a browser shows version acceptance numbers.

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Add the legacy office helpers to any site with this somewhat useless javascript library. It includes the Merlin the wizard, Rover the dog, Links the cat, and of course Clippy the paper clip. You can even test out the library with a nifty demo for all of the animations. It's like 1998 all over again.

Raphaël JS

This is a very light weight and capable substitute for <canvas> that animate, transforms, and even converts raster PNGs into vector SVGs.

Page Layers

This is a great app that turns html pages into layered PSDs files where each element is on it's own layer. Great for mocking up site redesigns or reverse engineering CSS effect like rounded corners on legacy browsers.

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