Budgets are hard man…

Wrote a blog post on my company’s website about budgeting for a digital product. I managed to distill a few abstract concepts I have been working to combine for a while now.

InDesign Script for Creating Catalog Listings

Video demonstration and source files for a listings script I created for my church’s subgroup magazine.

NerdCast #64 – What We Learned From The Healthcare Marketplace Launch

Podcast I did for the Nerdery with a developer and friend of mine, Michael Tighe, on what we can learn from the rough rollout of the health care marketplaces.

TV Interview – Health Care Site Rollout Issues

An interview I did with the local Fox News affiliate (KMSP – TV) on a development take of the rollout issues.

NerdCast #39 – Software Project Management Backstage Pass

An interview I did with Ryan Carlson on what a Software Project Manager at the Nerdery does.

Scan Lines with JavaScript

A litte bit of JQuery code I wrote to create an old school look for a modern interface.

Unused Subgroup Logo

My original take on my church’s subgroup logo. Ultimately, it never saw the light of day, but was fun to make and turned out to be a cool piece.

Yoshi+Omnom iPad Decal Graphics

Cool little iPad graphic I created to dress it up a bit… My wife likes green dinosaurs, what can I say?

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