Towards A Retina Web

A great article on the application of retina technology on web design and programming.

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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine for Realz

So this is what happens with a lot of skill, imagination, dedication, and way too much spare time on your hands.

What’s an Oligopoly?

WARNING: Contains the F-Bomb

This is so well done and is exactly how I feel sometimes. Choice is awesome… when you have it.

Who Needs a Snow Blower?


So our snow blower was broken and mother nature dropped 8 inches of wet concrete snow on us. I decided it would just be easier to roll up the snow than try and shovel it. Crazy part was, it actually worked really well.


The subtitle for OverAPI pretty much sums it up: "Collect All Cheat Sheets" So many cheat sheets in so many coding languages. No matter what you're trying to pickup you should be able to find a cheat sheet for it here.

Happy St Paddy’s Day… but you’re not Irish!

Someone I work with put this together. It’s funny, catchy, and probably pretty true for most out there :) Happy St Paddy’s Day


If you don’t know what the title means it says had-a-baby-it’s-a-boy. Which, it turns out, is where I’ve been the last few months. He’s quite an expressive little guy. Here are a few pics to prove it (click to see the subtitles provided by Mom).

Your Funny!

I will Break You!

I'm not so sure about that one....

Girl! Why you gots ta be like dat?

Seriously Mom? This is what passes for entertainment?

Zzzzzz.... Zzzzzzz...

We All get Jedi Powers

A new kind of interactive input device which could give us all access to the Force.

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