InDesign Script for Creating Catalog Listings

Video demonstration and source files for a listings script I created for my church’s subgroup magazine.

NerdCast #64 – What We Learned From The Healthcare Marketplace Launch

Podcast I did for the Nerdery with a developer and friend of mine, Michael Tighe, on what we can learn from the rough rollout of the health care marketplaces.

TV Interview – Health Care Site Rollout Issues

An interview I did with the local Fox News affiliate (KMSP – TV) on a development take of the rollout issues.

NerdCast #39 – Software Project Management Backstage Pass

An interview I did with Ryan Carlson on what a Software Project Manager at the Nerdery does.

Mighty No. 9

Might No. 9

So if you are a fan of MegaMan, then you will love this. Many of the creators of MegaMan have pulled together in an independent endeavor to create a modern take on the original MegaMan styles and concepts. This is my first kickstarter and it’s gone through the roof. They just keep adding goals (they were fully funded within the 1st 24 hours). So head over ( to kick in some funds or just share the project.

To the Victor goes the Pour

This should be in every bar in America. Beats the heck out of Divekick. The only thing left fighting for in the this world… Beer.

Mega Man smashes Smash Brothers

Why did it take so long for this to happen!

Spock VS Spock

Epic Challange! Who will win?

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