Lego Space Man and Friends

So I should probably disclose that I was one of those kids who played a lot of Legos, I mean a lot! Evidently when I got my first set of Legos as a child, I refused to open any other Christmas gifts and I cried when my parents finally forced me to continue opening presents. That said, one would assume I was super pumped for the movie. Part of me was excited to see it due to Legos being such a big part of my childhood, but really I was pretty skeptical how a movie about a “sophisticated system of interlocking bricks” could be entertaining. I was wrong! It was fun… so much fun… amazingly fun even!

Batman and Friends

So besides being fun, what is inspired about the movie? Well, the animation is actually very innovative. They dropped frames to make it look like stop-motion animation and it looks like they used the saved render time to make the textures so accurate it’s hard at times to believe it’s CGI.

 Video Source = Brick-by-brick: how Animal Logic crafted The LEGO Movie

Also, they created a Lego practical engine! The explosions are Legos, the smoke is Legos, even the water is Legos. So we’ll done! They similarly played with scale in the same way in wide camera shots being made up of normal sized blocks representing scaling due to distance.

Unicorn Kitty, Space Man, and all the rest.

Additionally, the multiple licenses Lego is allowed to put together made it an 8 year old what-if adventure. Ninja Turtles, the Harlem Globe Trotters, Abraham Lincoln, Gandalf, and Batman just to name a few. Even the voice acting is top notch.

Lastly, it sports a catchy (and hilarious) theme song posted below.
[Beware, you’ll be humming it forever!]