NOTE: Demo currently works in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Not Internet Explorer.
Original Splash Puzzle for WittworkS

Entry 3: Reactive Frame Population
(If you’re wondering what this is, see Entry 1)

The link above is for the puzzle with a Reactive Frame Population running. It integrates the custom created art with the frame more fluidly.  Next on my list is the logo population.  Originally I did this with an on-mouse-over event. May still have to do it using that, but might look into something else instead.  Not convinced it’s the simplest way.

Entry 2: Fully Implemented Interface
(If you’re wondering what this is, see Entry 1)

The link above is of the fully implemented interface which includes my new interface (still needs some appearance tweaks) and my highlighting feature.  Next I need to redo my frame script so that the frame’s edge lines populate correctly.

Entry 1: New Interface

That’s right I’m dusting off this old thing. Originally this was going to be my splash page while I built my site (tells you how long ago that was).  Unfortunately I never got it to work cross browser.  The above link is to the page I have been using to build and adjust my new interface.  It’s sad how long the code was I used for the original. It so much shorter and I’m sure it can still be improved.

Works pretty fluid on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, but IE executes the JQuery commands in a slightly different order (or at least that’s how it looks).  I haven’t had time to fully debug it so sorry if you’re using IE, because this isn’t really going to work correctly.