EDIT Layout System

The EDIT (Enclosure Distribution Interface Tool) Layout System was created to help customers figure out how they could  layout their structured wiring enclosures.  It not only gave them a visual representation of the products but also created a detailed Bill-of-Materials with additional product numbers and counts for other items simply based on the modules that were placed in the enclosure.

I speced-out both the original and the current updated versions, as well as created most of the graphics and all of the promotional materials.  The actual programming was done by our web development partner.  The drag-n-drop interface was still pretty new when it was originally released so it had a bit of a wow-factor. It also demoed great on our large touch screen.  Later I was asked to spec-out  and create graphic mockups for a 3rd generation version with additional functionality like custom labels, faceplate specing, and the ability to create an install project packet.  Never got off the ground due to the housing crash, but it would have been a fun project to develop.