This is a product launch campaign we ran in the 2nd quarter of 2009. It was for a line of video/multimedia connectors which we branded TWiN Lock™ connectors (the more traditional connector product line was called SURE Lock™).  The campaign’s concept  was a collaborative effort, but pretty much all of the deliverables where managed or created by myself.  The following is a brief outline of each of the pieces.


Logo and Basic ID Development

Logo and ID Work
The logo is pretty simple and was designed to work with the SURE Lock logo we developed at the same time.  The green color and its shade was determined by looking at the Suttle blue and the SOHO Access product line orange and finding what worked well with both.  I think both the imagery as well as the color scheme are still strong.  Even if the product was mostly discontinued.


Select Customer Mailer

Select Mailer - OutsideSelect Mailer - Inside

This item was one of the most interesting I have worked on.  The “hero” giveaway, was three pre-terminated connectors,  sliced in half, and imbedded in an acrylic coaster.  Printed on the back were the products features and benefits, the TWiN Lock™ logo, and the URL of a micro-site that we built for the product (see Micro-site farther down).

This coaster was placed inside a custom made, direct print box with a removable mini-spec-sheet. The entire thing was placed inside another shipping box and sent to a very short list of select customers.


General Customer Mailer

General Mailer
We also did a single-fold general customer mailer as well.  It was nothing ground breaking but had a nice tagline/message, “Sometime the biggest technical advancements start small.” referring to the products smaller form factor.  I coordinated the photography and designed the logos as well as the technical illustration.


Product Micro-site

General Mailer

This micro-site had two very basic functions: First, to be the home of our Why TL? video, and second to have a simple landing page for people who received our advertising.  See, at the time we where in the process of creating an entirely new website so I needed a place to send people that would remain the same even after the site switched from being static to database driven.  It was very simple, but looked nice and fulfilled its requirements well.


Other Items

Other items created for the product line were a product  line card, product display boards, the Why TL? video presentation mentioned above, and custom sample cases which were sent to each of our sales reps.


(TWiN Lock™ and SURE Lock™ are trademarks of Suttle a CSI company)