So this is a project that was kicked off by the release of the iPad in 2010 and the need for HTML5 compatible Flash alternatives.  In this case we had been using a Flash graphic designed by our web developer that was updated every 3 months or so to draw attention to products, marketing tools, and other items on our website.

I started by looking around for a nice fading slide show that I could use as my base. After a good amount of searching I settled on using a script called the Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow that I found on Dynamic Drive.  If you check out the link you’ll see that it has been heavily customized.  It was my first time working with JQuery, but I seamed to pick it up ok.

HTML5 Flash Alternate Banner

I thought the finished product actually worked better then the original flash version in some ways. First off, to update content you just swap out image references rather then having to replace the entire file. Second, I was also able to improve the mouse-over functionality which made it more intuitive to use and easier to read.  And lastly, there is much less choke on the browser and the text is actually accessible via search engines for SEO purposes.